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Our investment principles are rooted in a decision-making framework that combines research and risk evaluation.

We look to take ownership of quality companies with prices below their intrinsic value. Our emphasis is on each company's ability to make money as a business. We follow a defined discipline for investing in good businesses with large moats and believe that a focused, highly concentrated portfolio leads to substantial growth.

We live by the following three tenets...




Our reputation is built on the credibility and honesty we deliver to investors.  We proudly and consistently uphold the fiduciary obligations you have entrusted to us.  

Our open communication with investors is our defining edge. We deliver straightforward viewpoints, even when markets are challenging. We utilize independent third-party auditor and administrator.

Our ongoing monitoring of fund expenses helps to increase the net return of our investors. In aligning our interests with those of our investors, we charge investment fees on a portion of profits - only making money when you do.

Our commitment to you.

Thai Capital was founded to provide our investors with investment capabilities that meet their objectives. We provide a concrete framework to create long-term value for the investors we serve.