Delivering superior risk adjusted performance


Founded in 2016, we are a long-biased US equity hedge fund with a disciplined and systematic investment approach.  We achieve long-term performance by concentrating capital in high quality, undiscovered, and overlooked opportunities.


The firm utilizes a proprietary analytical process to identify market inefficiencies across multiple sectors. Our execution strategy further enhances our long term approach by dampening downside volatility without compromising the upside capture.


Our reputation is built on the credibility and honesty we deliver to investors.  We proudly and consistently uphold the fiduciary obligations you have entrusted to us.  


Our open communication with investors is our defining edge. We deliver straightforward viewpoints, even when markets are challenging. We utilize independent third-party auditor and administrator.


Through our systematic underwriting process and ongoing reassessment of portfolio companies, we maximize the long-term compounded returns for the benefit of our investors.

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