Art of Fundamentals

Infused With THE

Science of Data

to Extract

Hidden Alpha

We Strive to Deliver Superior Risk Adjusted Performance

We are a US equity long-biased hedge fund that specializes in generating solid absolute and relative returns by concentrating capital in high quality companies that are trading at a significant discount relative to the long-term intrinsic value.

Our strategy strictly conforms to time-tested philosophy

Our investment philosophy revolves around allocating capital to companies that possess the characteristics to realize significant growth and value creation over the long-term.  Rather than seeking diversification through simple abundance, we prefer to concentrate our investments in a few high quality businesses that offers exposures in multiple industries.

Long Term performance with a keen focus on risk mitigation

We leverage a proprietary investment methodology to alpha generation by employing a data driven macro top-down approach complemented by a fundamental bottom-up analytical process.

Through a disciplined and systematic underwriting process, we achieve long-term performance while dampening downside volatility without compromising upside capture.