We Generate
strong & sustainable performance


mitigating risks


Founded in 2016, we are a long-biased US equity hedge fund with a disciplined and systematic investment approach. We achieve long-term performance by concentrating capital in high quality, undiscovered, and overlooked investment opportunities.

We utilize a proprietary analytical process to identify market inefficiencies across multiple sectors. Our execution strategy further enhances our long term approach by dampening downside volatility without compromising the upside capture.

Our Culture

Our mission is to deeply align our interests with those of our investors in the long term creation of value.


Committed to operating at the highest level of integrity and in the best interest of investors.


Provides meaningful portfolio insights with clarity.


Maximize long-term compounded growth through portfolio optimization and down-side protection.


Remain thoughtful and intellectually honest.


Construct a portfolio consisting of 8 to 25 high conviction investments.


Generate solid absolute and relative returns in a risk-controlled manner.

Our Investment Approach

We specialize in generating solid absolute and relative returns by concentrating capital in high quality companies that are trading at a significant discount relative to the long-term intrinsic value while employing a risk mitigation strategy to reduce the downside risk.

US Long-Biased

Focus on allocating capital to the best ideas, primarily in overlooked and/or underestimated businesses.


Leverage a flexible mandate to exploit market inefficiencies and invest with a disciplined long-term approach, prudent portfolio leverage and willingness to opportunistically hold cash.

Hybrid Idea Generation

Source attractive opportunities by navigating market trends and comprehensive fundamental analysis.

Our Management Team

A headshot of Danny Thai with a suit
Danny Thai
founder & portfolio Manager

At Thai Capital, Danny Thai is responsible for overall portfolio management and construction and overseeing the monitoring and risk management processes. Danny will manage Thai Capital’s business development and capital raising arrangements.